The Smooth Coat Fox Terrier is a high energy breed that is playful, self-confident, mischievous, curious, independent and bold. Smooth Fox Terriers enjoy being the centre of attention and are highly alert and devoted to his family; they love playing with children.

For the Love of the breed

The Charlemagne kennel has a dedication to breed for breed type, soundness and temperament, and we will continue to produce puppies who not only have success in the show ring but, just as necessary in our eyes, make excellent family pets.


Charlemagne Don’t Stop Me Now


CH. Charlemagne Don’t Stop Me Now

CH. Tamsam An Addictive Habit

CH. Charlemagne Living Doll

CH. Tamsam Limited Edition

CH. Tamsam Pin Up Girl 

CH. Charlemagne Wisprin Jack

NZ CH. Firezan Pinkfloyd (IMP-AUST)

Kokotala Raukapuka Rocket 


Tasman Iced Shiraz 

NZ CH & AUST Grand CH.

Tamsam Jamie’s Choice 


Tamsam Flirt Alert

NZ & CAN CH. Instyle’s Last Hero Standing

Harewood Sweet Taste of Freedom

Firezan Norwegian Wood 
Wyninebah Infinity 

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